Friday, March 6, 2009


Hey guys! It's been awhile! This isn't a review, I'm just posting a book list. Don't you always feel like there's always so many great books out there, but you just can't have the chance to read them because you are always busy with a bunch of other books? And the other books are just sitting around, waiting for you? Well, I do, and here are some of those books!!!!!



The Ranger's Apprentice Series

The Rest of the Rose Wilder Series

The Rest of the Caroline Quiner Series

The Rest of the Redwall Books

(And another series about animals I'm just not sure what is called, sorry about that, but it's like Redwall)

The Artemis Foul Books

The Rest of the Anne of Green Gables Series

(Finish) Little Men

The Bobsy Twin Books

The Encyclopedia Brown Books

So yeah, there's a lot of books I want to read, and I'm sure I'll get around to reading them SOMETIME, right? I hope I don't grow up before I do, though, and lose interest in them. But then I could always read them to my kids, lol!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More of my story

Here is some more of my story. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I have been kind of busy.I hope you guys like this part of my story.So here is my story!

Just then, the dinner bell began to ring. There’s the dinner bell Sally Mr. Foster said. Oh good Sally said. I’m starved. Mr. Foster and Sally walked down to their house to have supper. Mrs. Foster had cooked baked beans and apple pie for supper. When Sally and Mr. Foster walked in the door, the smell of baked beans and apple pie filled the air. My, that smells delicious Mr. Foster said. I hope it tastes as good as it smells. Now go wash up you two and then we will say grace and eat, Trixie said with a smile on her pretty face. After Sally and Mr. Foster had washed up, they sat down at the table. Mr. Foster said grace and then Trixie served everyone some baked beans. These beans are superb mom Sally said after having eaten a spoonful of beans. I agree with Sally Mr. Foster said. Trixie you’ve outdone yourself. Aw you two flatter me Trixie replied with a blush. My mother made up this recipe and ever since then it has been a family recipe. When everyone had finished their beans, Trixie got up from the table and served everyone some crispy apple pie. This pie is even better then the beans mom Sally said. Where did you get the apples? I picked them off of the apple tree in the back yard that you and your father planted when you were five years old, Trixie answered. Hey by the way Sally, there are some bruised apples on the ground under the apple tree. I thought you might want them to give to Star. Oh thanks, mom Sally replied. I am sure she will love the apples. Tomorrow I am going to try to put a halter on Star. All right honey, good luck Trixie said. Time for bed Sally. Okay mom Sally said. Then Sally went upstairs to take a shower and get ready for bed. Then Trixie cleaned/cleared the dishes off of the table, washed them and then Bill put them away. Then Bill and Trixie went upstairs to get ready for bed. The next morning, Trixie got up at 7:00 and went outside to gather eggs. As she walked out the door she grabbed a wire basket that was hanging by the door. When Trixie reached the chicken pen she shoed the seven Rhode Island Red hens off their nest so that she could get the eggs that the hens had laid. She put the ten eggs that she had found in the wire basket. Then Trixie walked back to the house to cook breakfast.

After Trixie got back in the house she put the eggs that she had gathered in the refrigerator. She left six eggs out to cook for herself, Bill and Sally. Trixie also took out some bacon to go with the eggs. Sally woke up at 7:30 to the smell of bacon and eggs cooking. She rolled out of bed and stood up and yawned sleepily. Then she made her bed. She pulled her dark blue quilt up to her pillow and straightened it so that it looked neat. Sally liked her bedroom to look neat. She grabbed her hairbrush off her dresser and went into the bathroom to freshen up. Sally quickly brushed her auburn hair and pulled it back in a ponytail. Then she washed her face and brushed her teeth. Then she went back to her room and put her hairbrush back on her dresser. Sally took off her horsey pajamas and got a pair of jeans and a pretty blue shirt. She put on the jeans and shirt. Then she picked up her pajamas which she had dropped on the floor, folded them and put them on her neatly made bed. Sally walked down the stairs to the kitchen. Good morning mom, she said sleepily. Good morning Sally, Trixie replied cheerfully. Breakfast will be ready in about ten minutes. Okay mom, Sally replied. I will run outside and take care of Blue and Star. All right Sally Trixie said. Then Sally got her boots and coat on and went outside. She walked to the barn where Blue was stabled. She got him some hay and a fresh bucket of water. Blue nickered his appreciation when he saw her coming with his breakfast. Then Sally walked to the corral where Star was imprisoned. She got the pretty black mare an armful of hay and a fresh bucket of water. Star whinnied happily when she saw her breakfast coming.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Boston Jane

Hey, it's been awhile huh? Well, here's a real "quickie" post...

I just read a book called Boston Jane: Wilderness Days. It's the second book in the series of Boston Jane, (I have not read the first one). This book was pretty funny, and exciting to read.

It's about a girl named Jane who left up north to move out to Washington state to get married. Naturally, it takes her a long time to move out to Washington, and during that time her soon-to-be husband breaks up with Jane. So, when Jane gets to Washington, she is alone and without any family or friends.

She soon joins a small town, were she is the only lady, and is used more like a servant then a friend. The men are often rude, and uncaring, except for a few, including a young sailor named Jehu.

This is a technically (I think), a romance story, but it has SO MUCH more to it then that. Including a wild adventure were Jane learns to leave her city life behind and fully embrace the down to earth life of Washington.

Trust me, no matter what kind of books you like, once you pick up Boston Jane: Wilderness Days, you won't be able to put it down.

It's really a very funny book, and makes me laugh every time I read it. Enjoy!

(It's written by Jennifer Holms)

Friday, January 23, 2009

More of my story

Here is some more of my story. Please tell me what you think of this part. If you have any suggestions please say them.

Can I go in the corral with her, Dad? Sally asked. If you are careful you may, Mr. Foster answered. Remember this is a wild horse you are dealing with here, so just be prepared in case she charges you, all right? Okay, Sally agreed. Thanks for the warning, Dad. Then Sally climbed over the corral fence and landed in the corral. Star flattened her ears when she saw that Sally was in the corral.

Star turned and faced directly away from Sally. What should I do now, Dad? Sally asked. She is totally ignoring me. Just sit on the ground and talk to her Mr. Foster replied. Let her approach you, not the other way around. Okay, Dad Sally said. She did as her father had said. She sat on the ground and talked to the horse. At first Star ignored Sally, but after awhile her curiosity got the better of her and she walked over to where Sally was sitting. Star was standing close enough to Sally for her to reach out and touch her. Sally reached up and began rubbing Stars forehead.

Star bobbed her head asking for more which Sally gave willingly. Then Sally slowly got to her feet, still rubbing Stars forehead. Star snorted softly when Sally got up, but she did not bolt away from Sally. Hey Sally, Mr. Foster said. The dinner bell is probably going to ring soon so finish up with Star, so we can go eat. Okay, Dad Sally replied. She stopped rubbing Stars forehead and gave her a gentle pat on the rump. I have to go now, but I will be back tomorrow Sally whispered into the black mares ear so Mr. Foster couldn’t hear. Star flicked her ears at the sound of Sally’s voice and bobbed her head as if to confirm what Sally had said.

Monday, January 19, 2009

More of my story

Here is more of my story everyone. Please tell me what you think of this part.

Oh thank you Dad! Sally cried. Can I go see her right now Dad? Sure honey, Mr. Foster answered. But first untack Blue and cool him out and then we will go see her all right? All right Dad, Sally said. About fifteen minutes later, Sally had finished taking care of Blue and had turned him out in the paddock with Rowdy and Silver. Rowdy was Mr. Foster’s fourteen year old chestnut Quarter horse gelding. Silver was Trixie’s ten year old dapple gray mare. Then Sally walked down to the corral where Star was, with her father. As they walked down to the corral, Mr. Foster told Sally how Dusty and Slim had caught the mare. He also told her the name that the cowboys had picked out for the black mare. Sally listened to all this attentively.

Another thing Sally, Mr. Foster said. Star is going to have a foal real soon, so you better start getting Star to accept your presence or else she won’t let you come near her foal when it is born, do you understand? Yes Dad I understand Sally replied. Oh I am so excited about the foal. Can I train the foal Dad? You can teach the foal how to lead Mr. Foster answered. However I may sell the foal when it is weaned. Why would you sell it Dad Sally asked? Because Sally honey, this ranch has about 35 horses and we don’t really need another horse, plus no one here really has the time to break this coming foal. I could break the foal when it is old enough to be ridden Sally said. Sally I don’t think you have the time to break the foal either because you have school plus taking care of Blue and Star Mr. Foster replied. I don’t really want to sell the foal either but we have to face the facts. No one has the time to train that foal. End of discussion. All right Sally said. Then Sally and Mr. Foster reached the corral in which Star was imprisoned. Oh my gosh she’s beautiful Dad! Sally cried in rapture. She addressed her father but her eyes were on the horse. And indeed Star was beautiful. The sun was shining on her beautiful black coat, making her glisten like a diamond.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More of my story

Ok here is some more of my story. Please tell me what you think. I will post more of my story soon. So here is more of my story! :)

We found her sleeping in a cave Dusty answered. We think she is in foal too. Mr. Foster studied Star thoughtfully. Yup she is definitely pregnant Mr. Foster said. It wouldn’t surprise me if she had that foal before the week is over. Really Dusty and Slim said in unison? You think she is that close? Yup Mr. Foster replied. Look how expended her belly is. It looks like her belly is going to burst. Yup she is definitely near her time to have her foal. I will put Sally in charge of taking care of Star, Sally’s good at working with difficult horses, Mr. Foster said. Sally was Mr. Foster’s fourteen year old daughter.
Then Mr. Foster told Dusty and Slim to go give four bales of hay to the horses in the west pasture. After Dusty and Slim had gone off to do as they had been told, Mr. Foster wandered off to look for Sally. However, he couldn’t find her so he went to ask his wife, Trixie, who was working in her garden if she knew where Sally was. Trixie was pulling weeds in the garden. Oh hi, (Mr. Fosters first name?)she said as Mr. Foster approached her. Hi Trix I was wondering if you know where Sally is. Oh, she is out riding old Blue in the arena Trixie answered. You know, I think Blue is getting too old to be ridden anymore. We should find Sally a new horse soon. You know, Trixie that is why I want to find her. You remember that black mare that that piebald stallion stole from us about three years ago right Trixie? Oh yes I remember she said. That was a real pity we lost her. She had great bloodlines. Well Dusty and Slim caught her this morning and that’s why I’m looking for Sally because I’m going to ask Sally to take care of her. Oh really they caught her? Trixie said. Yup Mr. Foster answered. Oh that mare will be perfect for Sally’s riding abilities. Yes I know. Mr. Foster said. Then Mr. Foster went to find Sally. She was in the riding arena running Blue through the barrel patterns.
Hey Sally, he shouted, come over here. After Sally had finished the pattern she trotted over to the spot on the arena fence where Mr. Foster was standing. Hey, Dad she said. What’s up? Hey Sally, do you remember that black mare that was stolen from by that piebald stallion about three years ago? Oh yeah I remember Sally replied. I was going to break her and everything, but then that big mean piebald stallion stole her. Well, guess what Sally? Mr. Foster said. What? Sally cried. Dad, tell me my curiosity is killing me! Dusty and Slim caught her this morning and brought her in this afternoon. Really? Sally cried. Yes really honey Mr. Foster answered. Oh Dad can I please oh please train her and take care of her? Yes Sally that is why I came to find you.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hey Again

Yes, I'm still alive, no I did not fall off the face of the earth, I've gotten really, really, really, lazy posting here. Hehehe.

This is a pretty lame post, but here's list of books I just read, books I am reading, and books I will read. I'll rate the ones I've read and am reading. Talk to you later guys!

Books I Have Just Read

The Sign of the Beaver (Very good)
Boston Jane: Wilderness Days (Good)
Small Steps (Poor)
Northanger Abby (Very good)
The One Armed Queen (Poor)

Books I'm Reading Right Now

I Am Regina (Fair)
The Big Four (Very Good)
The Trumpet of The Swan (Very Good)

Books I Will Read

The Goose Girl
The Return of The King
Powder Monkey
Boston Jane: An Adventure